NFT Curation Service

NFT Curation Service

Like art, the value of NFTs is established by the consensus of experts, the mix of subjectivity, and the story behind each piece, and its availability.


Projects like the Bored Ape Yacht Club became iconic through a series of fortunate events, that have positioned each BAYC NFT as worth many tens of thousands of dollars.

Like art, many compete to produce something of high perceived value. Most fail.

Yet the NFT marketplace extends far beyond just aesthetic appreciation or rarity of attributes. They can also carry utility, with emphasis to date in the gaming world. Virtual realities and digital identities, play-to-earn games, and metaverse assets that can be accumulated, won, earned, swapped, and traded. The cutting edge version of those assets are NFTs. And the trend is far from slowing down.

In fact. The NFT marketplace has really only just barely begun.

Through our work with various clients on the marketing agency side of our business, we have a fortunate position to gain privileged insight into the inner workings of many NFT projects. The good, the bad, and the outrageous.

Sometimes the most outrageous become tomorrows 'blue chip' NFTs.

We help clients select a portfolio of NFTs that suits their own criteria and taste. We help advise in terms of NFT custody for maximum security of assets. And although we are not financial advisors per se, we can provide general market trend details that any NFT buyer can use to make a decision on when to buy or when to sell.

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